Our Herd – StrongBoPolled Simmentals

Breeding Females

The StrongBoPolled Simmental herd currently consists of four breeding lines. All breeding stock are Pedigree Registered with the Irish Simmental Society.

We use polled genetics across the whole herd, in line with our breeding strategy, resulting in more profitable and sustainable cattle for our customers.

We aim to produce the finest homozygous and heterozygous polled heifers and bulls using the best international Simmental & Fleckvieh Fleisch breeding lines.


Ballymaquive FILLI

Ballymaquive Filli, was purchased as a maiden heifer from the Ballymaquive herd in South Galway. The Burke family have a well known established Simmental herd. The Burkes are also successful horse breeders (Appletree Stud). As a heifer she reared a pair of twins! We are looking forward to her next progeny.


Portroyal_Jelessa_PP_ our_first _homozygous_polled_heifer.
Portroyal JELESSA PP – our first homozygous polled heifer

Purchased from the internationally renowned Portroyal Simmental Herd in May 2019 to establish a strong polled line in the herd. Portroyal Jelessa PP, a homozygous polled heifer. All offspring come polled (no horns). Sired by Fedal Jura PP out of a Rogant Dam, Ardadoney Velma P. Probably the only Rogant cow in Europe. First female sold from this line. We are extremely grateful for all the time and advice generously given by John Hession – Portroyal Simmentals.


Coose KARMA P, heterozygous polled heifer

Purchased from the well known Coose Herd in Co. Galway, in July 2019. Coose Karma P brings another strong polled line to Strongbo Simmentals. A Curaheen Gunshot P heifer, her ancestry includes Tiset Darwin P, Hillcrest Champion, Carnkern Titan via Derrycallaghan Hamilton & Raceview King.


Portroyal JOHANNA P, (in right foreground) a heterozygous polled heifer

When the opportunity arose to purchase Portroyal Johanna P we jumped at the chance. She was a comrade of Jelessa and had caught our eye at the time of her purchase. She boasts a very exciting pedigree having Lykke Sirius P, Exodus PP, Dovefields Gallant, Campus Brandy, Eisenherz and the legendry Haxent in her pedigree. We hope her dark coat carries on through her calves.


Portroyal JELESSA PP and Portroyal JOHANNA P – former grazing buddies – reunited at StrongBoPolled Simmentals!

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