About StrongBoPolled Simmentals

StrongBoPolled Simmentals are a Pedigree Polled Simmental Breeder based in the West of Ireland. We specialise in Polled Simmental Cattle (no horns!).

Bó is the Gaelic word for cow!

The land is rich in limestone and tradition. Farming is an integral industry in this area for thousands of years.

The Kelly Family have carried on this tradition of breeding high quality animals and caring for the land for decades. Our stock – usually sold at the local marts in Gort and Ennis, are bought by local farmers and international distributors alike. Cattle from this special karst limestone region – the Burren Lowlands – are highly sought after by Irish and International buyers.

In 2016, StrongBó Simmentals cattle herd was established. Two pedigree maiden heifers, Ballymaquive Filli & Gerri were purchased. The Pedigree Polled Simmental herd runs in conjunction with the commercial herd.

We sell both pedigree polled simmental registered heifers and bulls to our valued customers. Please see Our Herd for more details.

lois_an_sionnach_lois of the fox
Lois an sionnach (ring fort, fort of the fox), where Lissatunna name comes from.
(image courtesy Google Maps)